June 10-14, 2019

Saint John's School

Participants Ages 16-19

Registration Deadline April 15, 2019


Startup With Purpose is excited to announce the addition of an inaugural program at Saint John’s School in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The program will officially begin on Monday June 10th, and end on Friday June 14th.  The program is open to anyone who has finished his or her first year of high school, has not yet started college, and is eager to create value.  While there are business aspects to the program, we strongly encourage people from a variety of backgrounds, including: art and design, engineering, sales and marketing, and aspiring business leaders. Over the course of the program, participants will work in groups of 5 to identify a problem and to come up with an economically viable solution to that problem (build a business plan around that solution).  There are 2-3 hours of lectures each day and 7-8 hours of project work with teammates, so participants should come prepared to work on their ideas.

The program has been tailored specifically for Puerto Rico, with themes which are: the creation of value with limited resources and working with the numerous tax benefits Puerto Rico offers for young entrepreneurs.  These themes will be consistent throughout the program in guiding participants towards creating impactful and scalable products and services.

The program instructors are seasoned entrepreneurs, with lecturing experience at the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Assisting the instructors will be industrial experts from Puerto Rico, Oracle, Google, and other successful entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.  As space is limited, only 200 participants will be accepted into the program on a first come first serve basis.  We are looking for participants who are hungry to enhance the world, and we do not significantly weigh GPA in the registration process.

Why Puerto Rico


Stephen Torres


Stephen Torres is an Industry Fellow and Lecturer for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley. Stephen recently was CEO for clean tech startup MyDomino, which focused on consumer climate change solutions. He previously founded two clean tech companies that were both acquired. He started solar data and analytics company PV Solar Report in 2011, and in 2013 he founded solar customer acquisition platform Sunible. Stephen graduated from UC Berkeley and has an MBA from Cornell University.





Chris Burry


Chris Burry serves as the CEO of US Market Access Center. Previously, Mr. Burry served as a Founding Member of Avanade. Prior to Avanade, he served as a Senior Executive of Andersen Consulting and a Senior Technology Consultant of EDS. He served as a Columnist of Operating Systems and Infrastructure at ComputerWorld Magazine and an Adviser of Research Division at IDC (publisher of a number of technology magazines) on cloud computing and the future of technology. He served as a Regular Speaker of Industry Conferences at Microsoft and IDC. He serves as a Director of US Market Access Center. Mr. Burry holds a Degree in Political Science (with honors) from Swarthmore College.



The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE) is a holistic teaching and learning approach, primarily developed at the University of California, Berkeley, that enables participants from a variety of backgrounds to be more entrepreneurial. It encompasses three main elements: frameworksmindset, and networks.

In addition to the BMoE curricula, expert guest speakers from Puerto Rico, Silicon Valley, and around the world will bring their real-world experience to the program.  The program themes have also been tailored to suit the unique opportunities of doing business in Puerto Rico.

Tailored Themes

  • The Creation and Addition of Value with Limited Resources

  • Building Businesses in Enhanced Regulatory Environments

Orientation for Visiting Participants

Participants who are visiting Puerto Rico for the program will begin their journey by being grounded in Puerto Rican culture and experiences. This is a great opportunity for participants to:

  • Connect with their Peers
  • Enhance their Understanding of issues in Puerto Rico

The specifics of the orientation program for visiting participants will be determined closer to the start date of the program.

Day 1: Introduction

Overview: Introduction, meeting others and focusing on idea generation and team formation.

  • Welcome, Introductions & Bootcamp Overview
  • Opportunity Recognition & Market Validation
  • Cultural Lessons Learned by a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
  • Trust & Taking Risks
  • Getting to Entrepreneurship & Venture Fundamentals
  • Compelling Ideas for Products/Services
  • How To Captivate Any Audience
  • Selection of Project Ideas – students pitch ideas and choose teams to join
  • Team Building Exercise

Day 2: Team Building

Overview: Concepts about team, customer-focused product design, promoting your products/services, and innovation in developing business models. A networking session to mingle, followed by workshop with mentors.

  • Beyond Concepts, How To Execute
  • Building a Winning Team
  • Customer-Focused Product & Services: Giving the Customer What They Want
  • Review Team Exercise
  • Value Proposition: Innovation in Value Extraction
  • Selling Your Product or Service

Day 3: Business Design

Overview: Concepts of business design, getting to market, growing a global company, resources and funding. Practice pitching your venture.

  • Business Design & Models
  • Leadership & Intro to Marketing
  • Overcoming Failures to Success
  • Promoting Your Product
  • Elevator Pitch

Day 4: Presentations

Overview: Overcoming failure, practice presentations & round 1 of final presentations.

  • Getting a Start-up Off the Ground
  • Practice & Final Presentation Logistics
  • From Entrepreneur to Venture Capitalist

Day 5: Pitch Day

Overview: Final presentations, keynote speech, and networking (A “Shark Tank” experience).

  • Program Reflections
  • BMoE Mindset Concepts
  • Venture Presentations

Program Location

Condado, San Juan

Condado is an oceanfront, tree-lined pedestrian-oriented community in Santurce.

Program Venue

Saint John's School

Saint John’s is located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is one of the premier private schools in Puerto Rico.

Main Lecture Hall

St. John's Media Center

Saint John’s features a state of the art media center, which will serve as one of the primary instructional areas during the program.



Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program on a daily basis. An airport shuttle will be provided on the first, and last days of the program for participants visiting Puerto Rico.


The fees for the program are USD 600 for Puerto Rican residents and USD 1,200 for non-residents.  The non-resident fee covers additional costs including the preprogram orientation.  Please note that travel to the program is not included in the program fee, and that participants are required to make any necessary travel arrangements independently.  Full and partial scholarships are available for qualified applicants. More information regarding fees and scholarships is available in the registration process.