Startup with Purpose is a hosting a 7-day entrepreneurship boot camp in Amman, Jordan that facilitates inductive learning by bringing together investors, startup educators and mentors to create something great.
Over the course of the week, participants will work transforming an idea into a new venture to then bring it to market while integrating concepts including customer-focused design thinking and innovation in business models — all while receiving input and advice from real-life entrepreneurs, investors, and marketing specialists.

In collaboration with our experts, you will be able to form startup teams and learn mechanics of the unique start-up world to optimize your product by following special modules on ideation, sales, pitch and funding.
The program culminates once you have internalized attributes that contribute to the entrepreneurial mindset and can pitch your idea to an experienced panel of potential investors.

Day 1: Introduction

Overview: Introduction, meeting others and focusing on idea generation and team formation.

  • Welcome, Introductions & Bootcamp Overview
  • Opportunity Recognition & Market Validation
  • Cultural Lessons Learned by a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
  • Trust & Taking Risks
  • Getting to Entrepreneurship & Venture Fundamentals
  • Compelling Ideas for Products/Services
  • How To Captivate Any Audience
  • Selection of Project Ideas – students pitch ideas and choose teams to join
  • Team Building Exercise

Day 2: Team Building

Overview: Concepts about team, customer-focused product design, promoting your products/services, and innovation in developing business models. A networking session to mingle, followed by workshop with mentors.

  • Beyond Concepts, How To Execute
  • Building a Winning Team
  • Customer-Focused Product & Services: Giving the Customer What They Want
  • Review Team Exercise
  • Value Proposition: Innovation in Value Extraction
  • Selling Your Product or Service

Day 3: Business Design

Overview: Concepts of business design, getting to market, growing a global company, resources and funding. Practice pitching your venture.

  • Business Design & Models
  • Leadership & Intro to Marketing
  • Overcoming Failures to Success
  • Promoting Your Product
  • Elevator Pitch

Day 4: Presentations

Overview: Overcoming failure, practice presentations & round 1 of final presentations.

  • Getting a Start-up Off the Ground
  • Practice & Final Presentation Logistics
  • From Entrepreneur to Venture Capitalist

Day 5: Pitch Day

Overview: Final presentations, keynote speech, and networking.

  • Program Reflections
  • BMoE Mindset Concepts
  • Venture Presentations


Students will begin their epic journey by being grounded in the rich culture that surrounds them. This is a great opportunity for participants to:

  • Shared Knowledge with their Peers
  • Build Connections
  • Find their Team Mates
  • Raise Their Profile