Startup With Purpose is a non-profit organization that facilitates entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in areas where we believe that talent is currently being underutilized.

Conceived in the Fall of 2016 by students from the University of California, Berkeley, Startup with Purpose enables entrepreneurial activity for young entrepreneurs ages 16-30 through various channels including online videos, semester-long entrepreneurship courses at high schools, and intensive week-long University programs.

Startup With Purpose programs are based on the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley, where participants try out ideas which have the potential to become real ventures.

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  • Exposure to Intellectual Diversity

  • Interpersonal and Professional Connections

  • Long-Term Creation of Value


Startup With Purpose is a non-profit organization aimed at facilitating entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in areas with underutilized talent pools.

The objective of a Startup with Purpose program is simple: create a product or service that is both useful and scalable.  Participants are encouraged to form intellectually diverse teams to identify a specific problem or opportunity and build a commercially scalable product or service that would provide a solution to that problem or fulfill that opportunity.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures from leading academics in the field of entrepreneurship from the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and other top-tier institutions in the US, Europe, and Middle East.

In addition, participants will also have access to mentorship from regional and global experts from a number of relevant fields and industries ranging from business development to intellectual property protection.  All programs culminate in a “pitch day,” where representatives from each team have the opportunity to present their ideas and companies to a panel of judges comprised of seasoned investors.

It is our intent that Startup With Purpose participants go on to not only to start successful companies, but to also lead productive regional and global initiatives, adding value to society with the best of their capabilities. We hope to eventually interact all aspiring entrepreneurs, whether they be a high school or university student, a refugee, a male or a female, so that we can all Startup With Purpose.

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